RAmused by Astrological Irony


I am RAmused by a bit of astrological irony.

A man with a Saturn ( self-discipline, effort, honor, respect, ambition, seriosity, fear of failure, time) , in a (probable) house of prominence with an assist from transiting Jupiter (expansion, gain through experience, opportunity) and Venus (the arts, affection, charm, tact, generosity of spirit, sharing) at long last (Saturn) wins public recognition with his first solo award for work in a motion picture with: a Saturn Award.

2 thoughts on “RAmused by Astrological Irony

  1. I thought that there is some massive irony in the whole thing … as this Saturn award is not really one of the BIG industry awards … seriously, he was rewarded for “best supporting actor” … supporting what? Hordes of orcs?
    So it’s really a very very Saturnish award to me, with a message like: “here you have an itty bitty award, try harder the next time if you want a bigger one!” … 😉

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  2. It really is that! Here’s a taste of accolades, now back to the grindstone for you! Seriously though, I do think the public recognition will come. Saturn respects and rewards hard work. Eventually.

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