Leaving on a Jet Plane



Dear Richard,

I hear they still have complimentary cabin pressure in first class, and from looking at the picture, I can only assume that the overhead luggage bins are huge!  How I wish I didn’t live on a teacher salary. What’s it like up there in the front of the plane?  Inquiring minds want to know.

Sigh. Should I pay the cabin pressurization fee on my coach ticket to Providence, or should I save the money, pass out from oxygen deprivation, and sleep my way though the flight?  The flight crew would prefer us all to pass out, I think. Less work for them.

Decisions, decisions.

PS- If you are going to San Diego, be sure to see Rutina do Twelfth Night at the Old Globe over in Balboa Park.  And buy a short sleeve linen shirt. San Diego can be warm.