RAmused: Richard Armitage delivers


This is the second time, in under five minutes, that a clip of Richard Armitage acting has so completely impressed me. The first was last October 31, when while Internet surfing in the early morning hours I came across the Old Vic Crucible trailer (here).   It was a minute long and when I finally got to sleep, I had really vivid nightmares.  The next day I googled the cast and for the first time really “saw” Richard Armitage. I’d seen him in a few other things, but that little clip of his performance in The Crucible moved him from being another reasonably attractive British actor who plays action heroes and has the kind of voice that librarians love to hear on audible books to an entirely different level.  Here was an actor who was interesting beyond his looks. Here was an actor who might be a force of nature.

Now this. This puts to rest any fears that all of the talk about his upcoming performance as Francis Dolarhyde, aka “The Red Dragon” on NBC’s Hannibal, was hyperbole. Said talk is not hopeful projection on the part of the show runners and fans. This is disappearing so completely into a character that you forget the actor playing him. This is chilling.

If you are a producer or director, give this man any damn part he wants. He can deliver.

Any. Damn. Part.

Sign him and then get the hell out of his way.

If if you run a film festival? Screen “Urban and the Shed Crew”, would you please? It needs a distributor, and we want to see it. I want to see this force of nature unleashed once again.

Scroll down here to see the video clip that was shown at Comic Con today.


7 thoughts on “RAmused: Richard Armitage delivers

  1. I’m grinning because it’s so much fun watching the linear progression of his performances from role to role. Now I think back on Thorin’s madness sequence, and to a certain extent, John Proctor, and see them as just a rehearsal for Dolarhyde. Holy cow! He’s got insanity nailed!

    You can really see his dance training pay off. There is one move he does in the “becoming” sequence that I’m sure I saw him do in the “Cats” rehearsal video on YouTube. The American accent in “Into the Storm” was a rehearsal for this role. In what little dialoge i heard, his accent sounded much improved over “Storm”)

    I also have to say that the lighting and percussion based sound effects really add to the creepiness of the clip.

    How many more episodes do we have to wait? I wish they would hurry up and get Hannibal jailed. I think they’ve strung the “artiness’ at the expense of storytelling out too long.


  2. Well I think it will be a long wait for me as I’m in the UK and don’t have access to Sky etc! So I probably won’t see it til it comes out on video 😦

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  3. LOL! Yes, I’ve just reached a particularly nasty bit of torture! My trouble is I really don’t seem to have a lot of time to watch TV. We haven’t actually had a TV for years and don’t miss it, so everything I watch is on my iPad or computer, and that isn’t very companionable! We tend to read and listen to music in the evenings. I make a special effort with anything with RA in it, obviously! 🙂


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