RAmused: RAndom Acts of Kindness #RAndomAoK


I am inspired by the SpReAd the Love challenge (here). Reading the posts there has given me pause to think about the people around me who do (usually) unsung, very kind things for others. When I started thinking about it, there are lots of them. It was kind of a feel good moment.

While waiting patiently in the Starbucks drive through this morning, I thought some more. What do you get for a man who probably has everything? Lately I’ve been busy going through my house getting rid of “stuff” and I’m fairly certain he doesn’t need “stuff” for his birthday from me. Truthfully, I wouldn’t know what to get him anyway (I could always send him a list of books I really like, but that probably isn’t a very exciting present). I’d thought perhaps that I would make a donation to one of his favorite charities on August 22nd because he’s asked us to do that in the past, but donating money isn’t nearly as satisfying as doing something.

I have an entire month until the upcoming Armitage birthday, and with a nod towards Frau von Elm-Dings at RAW Musings (here) not “doing something” makes us fire signs antsy. Taking inspiration from SpReAd The Love, I thought, “Why not commit a daily RAndom Act of Kindness (#RAndomAoK) everyday until then?” The beauty in kindness is that it doesn’t have to cost a dime. Holding a door for someone. Letting that person with one or two things cut in front of you at the grocery check out. Giving a neighbor a ride to the airport. Giving the homeless man on the corner a couple of dollars. Putting a bowl of fresh water out near the neighborhood feral cat community. Going to the horse rescue to scrub algae out of the water buckets. If you still live at home, doing that one chore your Mom always nags you about without her having to nag.

Beginning tomorrow, July 22, I resolve to commit at least one act of kindness every day until Richard’s birthday, and I hope you will join me. If you are an RA blogger, share what you are doing either here or on your own blog. If you use Twitter, use the hashtag #RAndomAoK.

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