RAmused: #RAndomAoK Day 2

This morning I got up my courage to talk to the homeless man who hangs out near the Starbucks that I like. I saw him in his usual place when I drove by, and this time I bought an extra latte and croissant to give to him. The best part was they made a venti when I’d asked for a grande so they gave me the venti at the grande price. Lord knows I’m frittering away the price of an airline ticket at Starbucks – but I digress.

When I drove back to the corner he wasn’t there. I drove around the parking lot until I found him and started talking to him. His name is Tom. I gave him a couple of dollars along with the food.

I don’t know that what I do makes that much of a difference. My parents roll their eyes when I give money to the homeless, and maybe I am throwing it away. Maybe they really don’t need it. I look at it this way. If they really do need it, then I am glad to have helped, however little that help is. If they are slackers getting a handout and don’t really need it, then that is between them and the universe. That’s their karma.  I do know that when I do what I do, my heart sings a little, and the feeling gets to be a weird addictive feeling.  Does anyone else get that little buzz?

Hmm. I wonder if that makes me selfish.

Something for me to think on.

6 thoughts on “RAmused: #RAndomAoK Day 2

  1. I think it means you understand the meaning of a generous, gracious gift, which is something neither owed by the giver nor deserved by the recipient.

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  2. If you are like me then you don’t do this sort of thing for each and every person you see. When the inspiration slaps you in the face you can’t ignore it! Don’t worry what others think, but believe in your heart and follow it.

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