RAmused: #RAandomAoK Day 3

I had a very busy day today, getting ready for a trip to Boston, Salem, and New Hampshire, with a quick trip into Canada, if all goes well. The granddogs, Thorin Oakenpuppy and Jewel, are off to my parent’s house. Passport found. Bills paid. Newspaper and mail on hold.

But best of all, I was able to meet fellow fan, Kathy Grainger, at the airport and give her a ride to her hotel, where we had a nice chat over breakfast.  Of course, I drove around the wrong terminal several times, got cut off by a cab and ended up in a restricted area where I got a stern lecture from airport security. Thankfully the gave me directions to the correct passenger pick up area at the correct terminal.

All’s well that ends well, and I made a new friend.