RAmused: #RAndomAoK Day 6 & 7


Its a little difficult to find ways of doing RoKs here in the deep woods, and I’m pretty sure letting my host teach me how to make risotto doesn’t count, so I made up for it by doing two yesterday. While in Concord, I gave money to a man with a sign by the side of the road and when I got back to the lake house, while everyone was out swimming, I did the dishes, which had been piling up. Truly – dishes are not a priority when there is glorious weather and an 80 degree lake just outside the door. 🙂

Webster Lake: it’s wonderful. I share RA’s apprehension about water – at least water where I can’t be certain of “what else” might be in it. This lake is fed by springs and is relatively clear. No leeches. No crawdads. No eels. No sharks. No underwater weeds or other things that might grab my toes. Only clams here and there, and minnows by the shore. Also, margaritas make me braver.

Last night, because it has been unseasonably hot (mid 90’s), we went for a swim and watched the big full moon rise over the leafy woods. The house looked beautiful, lit up from within, and Glen Miller music was wafting from the windows.