RAmused: #RandomAoK, Days 8, 9, and 10

I don’t have the knack for blogging on vacation yet, which is where I have been. When traveling, I found I really had to look for ways to do my Random acts each day, and I wasn’t always successful. I’ve spent the last ten days in New England (my first trip) with a side trip to Quebec, and the prairie outside of Boulder, Colorado, to visit family.  In parts of New Hampshire and Vermont, Wi-Fi was not always available. In Quebec I was too busy concentrating on making out the road signs (Note to self: no matter what good intentions friends say, the road signs in Quebec are NOT written in both French and English –  the are totally in French – and not first semester French, either).  When I got back to the Boston area, I was too busy trying not to die in traffic. Boston traffic is . . . interesting. I strongly suspect it is a good thing that Boston passed on the Olympics. I would be a basket case if I had to drive in Boston Olympic traffic).

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July 31 – A travel day. This was the day I left my friends at Walker Lake near Franklin, New Hampshire, and decided to drive to Canada. Going to Canada has been on my bucket list for a long time. I can’t ever remember meeting a rude Canadian. I know they exist, but I’ve never encountered one. Travel days are really hard days to find random acts of kindness, but I managed to find one at the scenic view near the dam at Fifteen Miles Falls, on the Vermont/New Hampshire border.  In an otherwise pristine environment, there was, of course, trash by the roadside. I picked it up. Is it weird that a carload of Japanese tourists took pictures of me picking up trash? I’m not sure what to think about that but I smiled and waved before I drove off.

August 1- Also a travel day. However, the car that was packing up next to me had two beautiful English Setters in the back seat. English Setters are elegant dogs. Our family is a setter family. We’ve had all three kinds, English, Irish, and Gordon. I’ve been told they are more plentiful on the east coast, but they are rare on the west coast. I have these two cookies!

When I pulled my car around back at the hotel I stayed at in Salem, there was a great parking place near the door, and I really wanted it….but I let an older couple in another car have it.

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  1. Lol. I was too busy talking to their owners. I didn’t get a picture. I should have because they had their bags and two dogs cramed into the back of a Volkswagon beetle. Actually, the dogs looked quite comfortable for such a little space.


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