RAmused: RAndom Acts of Kindness Days 14 & 15

August 3rd.

Another travel day, this time involving airports.

I got got up at 4:00 AM because I had been warned about Boston’s Momday morning traffic. I thought if I could just get to the airport by 6:00, I could avoid the rush hour.

What are all of you Bostonians doing clogging the interstate at 5:30 in the morning?! Talk about white knuckle driving! (Note to self: when taking a plane out of Logan, schedule it for Sunday). What I thought was a missed exit on my part still ended with me at the airport, so all was  well on that front.

I had made a point of packing my ear buds on my carrying bag, but when they again asked people to voluntarily check the carry one because the flight was crowded, I again volunteered my bag. BIG mistake!

I claim it as my RAndomAoK #14. RAndomAoK #15 was not murdering the screaming baby sitting in the row directly behind me. Mia was her name. She literally screamed for three and a half hours in that small  child pitch that causes ears to bleed.  She screamed across the Appalachians. She screamed across the Great Lakes. She screamed across Chicago and Iowa and Nebraska. Somewhere over eastern Colorado, thirty minutes before we landed in Denver, she fell asleep. Then we landed. She started screaming all over again. Although I thought snarky things, I did not say them.

Sometimes not saying anything is a kindness.

Note to Sardine United Airlines:  Offering free drinks to any adult passenger sitting within three rows of a screaming baby would be a greatly appreciated kindness. Or headphones. Headphones would be great.

Here’s my picture Thorin in the Great elf infested North Woods of New Hampshire. There are woods everywhere. He is suspicious of them. image

6 thoughts on “RAmused: RAndom Acts of Kindness Days 14 & 15

  1. It really was a kindness. The kid usually can’t help it and the parent is typically mortified. I wish there a way to keep very small children off of planes, but that wouldn’t be fair to their families either.


  2. She had to be at least four. The thing was that in the row in front of me there was a woman with – I’d say 2 year old- baby boy, and he didn’t make a peep. He was such a good child. I ran into his mum changing him in the ladies room and I told her what a good boy he’d been.

    I just kept thinking to myself maybe Mia was having trouble with her ears. Changes in cabin pressure can really hurt.

    I think, I earned some karma points, though. On the flight back to Las Vegas I got the entire row to myself.

    Note to travelers: Frontier Airlines really sticks it to you on baggage charges. Not only do they charge you for a checked bag, they charge you even more for a carry on. The other two airlines I took charged 25.00 for the checked bag, but the carry on was free. Avoid them.

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  3. that’s what I always assume — that it’s an ear issue. You can combat it by urging the kid to drink, but then you have to run to the bathroom with them all the time.

    I also keep in mind that I’ve come to hate flying, and so my own irritability receptors are set differently than normal in those situations.


  4. I used to love flying. Now it is an ordeal to be endured. I’m seriously thinking of going to New Zealand next summer, but I’m dreading a thirteen hour flight. If anyone knows how the seating is on Air New Zealand, let me know.

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  5. 10 hours on a plane is my limit, and my dad wants to go to Australia, so if I have to go along then we’ll have to stop a few times along the way. Or I’ll have to take seventy-seven Valium.

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