RAmused: #RAndomAoK Days 16-18


RAndomAoK #16

August 4th:

My first day visiting family outside of Louisville, Colorado. Re-loaned my Kiva.org funds to a woman in India who raises goats.

RAndomAoK #17

August 5th:

Why is it people leave trash in grocery carts? There are trash bins right by the grocery entrance. There are trash bins by the cart returns in the parking lot.  They can’t make it any simpler. Sigh. I threw out random adverts and chips wrappers that were in the cart we chose, and when I returned it in the parking lot after we were done, I threw out random trash that was in another cart already there.

RAndomAoK #18

August 6th:

A travel day home. Before my flight we made a trip to Moxie Bread Company (here)  in Louisville to pick up some loaves for me to take home to give to the neighbors on either side of my house to thank them for keeping an eye on my place, and a couple of loaves for my parents to thank them for watching the granddogs. Moxie uses locally grown, non-GMO grains and fruits in their breads and pastries. If you live in the Denver area, it’s worth a trip to this bakery. I haven’t had such wonderful carbs since I lived in London many years ago.

Of course, I also bought the two remaining croissants that were left. If they had had more, I’d have bought a dozen to take home with me.

My neighbors were quite pleased with their treats.