RAmused: #RAndomAoK Days 19-21

RAndomAoK #19

August 8

Went to retrieve the granddogs from my parents. Thank you, Mom, for getting my four and a half month old puppy, Thorin, to be less of an aligator puppy! He’s definitely less “mouthy” than he was when I left.  Thorin is a Gordon Setter. He started out black and tan, but his fur is changing to gray, like his namesake.


This is him with my other dog, Jewel.


I took my parents a loaf of orange rye and a loaf of sunflower wheat bread from Moxie Bread Company as well as a bottle of maple syrup from New Hampshire.

While visiting them, I also stopped by friends’ houses. This is rural Nevada, where people have land that, while hot desert land, isn’t surrounded by concrete, and is therefore cooler than in the city. Things grow there!  We have a friend that has an entire acre planted with vegetables and fruit trees, none of which he actually eats himself. He even has beds of the walking onions like the ones planted in the Rebecca Nurse Homestead garden in Danvers. I left his property loaded down with produce.

RAndomAoK #20

August 9

I came home with bags of fresh eggplant, crook neck squash, the inevitable zucchinis, tomatoes, watermelon, Persian cucumbers, sweet and hot peppers, green beans, long beans, onions, tomatillos, Asian pears, and peaches. In other words, more than I can possibly eat.

I texted my neighbor to come over when she came home from work. She took quite a few of the veggies home. Thank goodness I know people who like squash.

RAndomAoK #21

August 10

My friend went out of town. I stopped by her house to bring in the paper, mail, and trash cans.

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  1. Frankly, I hate summer squash, probably because my mother made me eat it as a kid. People here in town are happy to get fresh picked veggies. It’s so damn hard to grow things here once the heat sets in.

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