RAmused: #RAndomAoK Days 22-24

RAndomAoK #22

August 11

There is a stray cat that sometimes hangs out in my driveway. At least I think it is a stray. It is very thin and has a shabby gray tabby/calico coat.

I already have two cats (they came from a neighborhood hoarder – no, I am not turning into that woman) who are not pleased with interlopers, so I won’t be getting another, but I took a pan of food out to this one and he was hungry enough to come over and eat. Usually he (she?) runs off.

RAndomAoK #23

August 12

I had to have my dog Jewel fixed today because yesterday Thorin discovered he is a boy! Fourteen weeks old and he tried to hump her. When she wouldn’t have it, he started humping his dog bed. Oh, dear!  Our vet was full up, but gave up her lunchtime to do the surgery. I took her a Chipoltles gift card to thank her when I picked Jewel up.

RAndom AoK #24

August 13

I stayed home most of this day to take care of my dog, but did make a quick run to the grocery store.  On the way in I gathered a couple of carts from the parking lot and put them where they belonged before they dented someone’s car.

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