RAmused: #RAmdomAoK 25-30

RAndomAoK #25

August 14: The stray cat is back. I left food and water out again.

RAndomAoK #26

August 15: I took the neighbor’s trash can in. I think they were out of town for the weekend.

RAndomAoK #27

August 16: And wouldn’t you know the stray cat has a friend? An orange tabby who is just as skittish and skinny as the grey calico. Sigh. Left out water and food. God, I hope they they do not multiply like tribbles because I am not turning into the neighborhood crazy cat lady.

RAndomAoK #28


August 17

It was an absolute crappy day. I’d gone into work two days earlier than required and I’m glad I did because an email told me that I’d been assigned to teach two classes that I have never taught because I am not endorsed to teach them (Surprise!). I won’t go into details other than having a near panic attack, and the person I needed to talk to was off campus all day. Truly, I hate surprises, unless they involve getting money in the mail.

In addition, the library computer lab will be hosting classes all day long, all year long, so that I can no longer use it to teach library research skills. “They find most of their information on Google anyway” to which I think, “Holy Fricking Facepalm”.   I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to all university professors in advance. I really do try to teach my students research skill and how to do citations (both MLA and APA), but the powers-that-be and the budgets-that-are don’t always make it easy. I know I’m not the only school librarian in this situation.

Anyway, I treated myself with a trip to Pizza Hut. The woman at the counter made me laugh, and gave me a great new (to me) cocktail recipe (Colorado Bulldog: basically you add Coke to a White Russian).

On the receipt was a website to tell the company about my Pizza Hut “experience”. I gave her a good review.

RAndomAoK # 29

August 18

I tipped the girl at the drive through window. She looked so happy! I don’t think drive-through clerks get enough credit. It’s a crappy job, but this one made me smile.

RAndomAoK #30

August 20

This morning there was an email from the teacher who does yearbooks asking for donations to help pay for yearbooks for our students who are in really tough financial circumstances. Our school has well over a hundred homeless students and many, many others who are living in poverty. I was the second teacher at her door making a donation to her cause. Yearbooks mean a lot to kids.

4 thoughts on “RAmused: #RAmdomAoK 25-30

  1. I enjoy reading about your random acts 🙂 And there are worse things to be than a crazy cat lady, though I know what you mean! 😉

    I loved your comment on tipping the drive through clerk. We don’t have so many of those here in the UK but whenever my husband has a hospital appointment he always makes a point of thanking the reception staff as well as the medical staff and they are usually both astounded and delighted. This is the National Health Service remember, which is fantastic but the staff are not well paid and put up with a lot of crap!


  2. Thank you, Helen. This particular young lady looked like she was in high school, and she was very sweet. Fast food workers don’t get paid enough, I think.


  3. Professors in turn also know that students can be instructed correctly in exactly what to do, show themselves capable of doing it — and still opt to type something random into Google (I could tell you stories).

    re: rooms used in ways that crowd out instruction, not enough money for yearbooks, teachers teaching out of field: I wonder how long we will get away with shorting our students in this way before we simply destroy our entire culture.


  4. As it turns out, the two Freshman Studies classes I was assigned can’t get online to do their Health studies assignments for the first two weeks becuase their student ID numbers agent in the system yet, so I’ve been spending this time teaching them how to do catalog, WebPath Express, and database searches (it’s amazing how I can work Tolkien and Arthur Miller into those searches) and how to do them correctly. And how to narrow down the subject returns from 118 million (Google) to seven (WebPath Express). Just teaching them how to be smart about their searches is half the battle. I think we’ll do citations on Thursday and Friday.

    In other words, at least 75 of the Freshmen will know how to search the catalog and databases.

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