RAmused: On Awe and Richard Armitage

When Richard Armitage once said that he could be quite scary, I never really believed him.

I believe him now.

As I watched Hannibal’s “The Number of the Beast is 666″, I sat there thinking that, “This, children, this is how you channel every mean thing done to you, every unkind word said to you, every secret wish you had to strike back at those “special snowflakes” that crossed your path and made your heart miserable, every little piece of you that someone broke with malice or indifference: this is how you transcend those feelings. You give a performance that makes an audience sit back and think, “Holy shit!”

But then in real life, you stand up for those kids still being bullied, for the ones who are marginalized, for those who are “othered” by the masses, and you do it with gentleness, grace, and kindness.

Dolarhyde may want it, but we don’t owe him awe.

We owe you awe.

I am in awe.

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  1. “Holy shit” was exactly what I was thinking just about 10 minutes ago … if you ever had doubts that a 15° aspect isn’t functioning – it is. Pluto & Moon are quite capable to work together here.

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