Chicken Nuggets

Two weeks ago before I set out on an hour long drive across the open desert I needed a snack to take with me: something small, that would keep hypoglycemia at bay and wouldn’t give me goofy guts.  That thing ended up being “chicken nuggets” from McDonalds.

I’m not certain there is any actual “chicken” in their chicken nuggets. After careful consideration, I have decided that they are more likely to be some sort of nugget-shaped mixture of gelatin and preschool glue which is then double dipped in paper mâché paste and deep fried to a crispy deep-fried cardboard-like texture. Truly, these are the blandest, most tasteless bits of alleged food I have ever eaten.  The packet of sauce, which I hadn’t opened because I am not coordinated enough to drive and nugget dip at the same time was a godsend of over salted and over sugared flavor. I managed to peel one corner of it and suck some of it out. It was the culinary experience of a lifetime hour!

In retrospect,  pre-school glue and paper mâché paste tastes better. I’m a teacher. I know these things.

In fairness, I tried them again tonight, from a different location, Just to make sure and yes! Crispy deep fried paper mâché paste nuggets from two different drive throughs! Winner, winner, chicken some sort of dinner.

Thank god there are only four of them.

McDonalds, I have not loved you for a very long time. “Chicken nuggets” are one of the reasons why.


4 thoughts on “Chicken Nuggets

  1. My dog likes them, too. I think that is about the only thing they are good for. I’m not even certain they are made out of meat. The apple slices that came with them saved me.

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  2. I’m still a sucker for the fish sandwich, sadly.

    Chicken is hard these days. Even if you get a sandwich with actual whole pieces of chicken in it, it was probably a bird raised under execrable circumstances.


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