Armitage Acts of Kindness: Dec. 4, 5, & 6

Several days ago I found out that one of my favorite students is transgender. I feel really privileged that I am trusted enough for her – him – to share that with me. He is 14 and still living as a girl, and I suspect there have been suicide attempts in the past. I think 14 is an absolute horrible age to be: too young to be taken seriously by the adult world,  too old to ignore, and every other kid in your social circle become viscous if there is any little thing about you that is “different”.

My act of kindness for Friday was letting this student know that no matter what she/he decides, I’m OK with it. A cool person is a cool person, no matter what wrapping they come in is.

I ran into my homeless guy, Michael, at the stop light. I gave him some money. Payday is still a week off, so it wasn’t as much as I’d have liked.

I also found an Acts of Kindless group on Meet Up. I think I will join them. I know that they volunteer at a local kitchen that feeds the homeless. I would like to talk to some of the homeless and listen to their stories.


Today is Sunday. The recent news and more importantly, the reaction to the recent news just makes me sad and weary.  I just can’t listen to anymore “talking heads” on cable news shows today. Really, Mr. Falwell? We should arm ourselves and shoot Muslms? You, sir, are  a special snowflake! I must have missed the memo telling us about amendment to commandment #6 that says we shall not kill (unless they are Muslms). I’m holding my breath now, hoping that some idiot doesn’t go out and do just that because you said to. Honestly, angry white Americans scare me more than any other group of people.

Thank goodness that the Rat Pack is on the radio and I am in a baking kind of mood. One of my coworkers who has been really under appreciated is going to receive a pecan pie (with Southern Comfort in it) tomorrow.

Today was the first time I ever made pie crust with lard. I never would have used lard except that every farm (and southern) cook that I know told me to. Today I took the plunge.  I am pleasantly surprised. The consistency of the dough is different than that made with shortening or butter. It’s actually easier to work with. The taste test will have to wait until the pies cool down.

I almost paid it forward at Starbucks this morning, but the truck behind me had ordered three Venti lemonades and three breakfast sandwiches. That’s well beyond my pay grade this week.

And so, Richard Armitage, with a nod to you this weekend,  acts of kindness to a transgender teen, a homeless man, and a coworker. 🙂

** The little pies in the picture are from The Unexpected Cookbook: The Unofficial Book of Hobbit Cookery.  The recipe is here.


3 thoughts on “Armitage Acts of Kindness: Dec. 4, 5, & 6

  1. So how was the taste? I agree that a lard crust just comes together so well!

    And I hear you about white Americans. The leadership of this country is frightening.

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  2. The crumb that fell off tasted good: light and crumbly. I just took two pumpkins out of the oven. I have to wait until the little one cools off to try it. The big one is going to my library aide, and the pecan that has cooled down is going to my friend Chawn. There’s been too much drama in the Cheer Club lately. She quit sponsoring that club on Friday because of the political infighting and lack of appreciation from admin. She needs a pie (and probably a drink, too).

    I think I’ll make another big pecan pie because Dad is coming into town for orchestra rehearsal this week He liked the Thanksgiving pecan pie. Actually, he rarely meets a pie he doesn’t like.


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