Armitage Acts of Kindness: December 18 & 19

December 18th:

Bags of fruit for the students, took another shopper’s cart back to the cart rack for them.  Bought a tent and sleeping bag.


December 19th:

Thorin is at the groomer today because he is getting fixed on Tuesday. I don’t want to take a dirty dog to the vet. On my way back from the groomer, I swung by the homeless encampment near school and gave the tent and sleeping bag, along with some individual packages of hand warmers, to one of the homeless people. I didn’t see Michael, my usual homeless guy, but Alan, the man I gave them to hugged me and was genuinely happy. It’s been down near freezing at night. Now I hope he will be a little warmer and have a bit of privacy, too. I wish I could do more.

Speaking of more, yesterday one of my FB friends posted a question about what you would do if someone gave you 47.5 million dollars, but you had to spend in in 48 hours. Here’s what I would do:

  1. Naturally, I would pay off Mom & Dad’s mortgage and get them the travel van they want, and pay off  my friend’s medical bills.
  2. Set up a fund to ensure that all 3,200 + kids at our school could have full ride scholarships to the university or trade school of their choice. For the kids who wanted to go into small business – give them low interest loans to do so.
  3. Give each of the homeless people I see every day two years of rent- free apartments along with whatever mental health/substance abuse counseling or job training that they need – but only two years because that is long enough to get themselves together and get on with life.
  4. Anything left would go to Shiloh Horse Rescue, Big Fluffy Dog Rescue, and Heifer International.

I’d also get the roof fixed. I’m tired of deploying the buckets on those rare days it rains. 🙂 And have permanent raised vegetable beds built in the back yard. I want an urban farmstead.

What would you do with the money?

Finally, for those of you who missed it, Richard’s annual Christmas letter is out.   I’m pleased that he stuck a toe into the “It’s OK to have a personal opinion” water. Yes, you are an actor, but that’s your profession. It is not who you are. You are allowed to not only have opinions, but also to share them.  I think for the most part, despite your flaws, you are a pretty good man, Richard Armitage. Happy Christmas to you and yours, sir.



2 thoughts on “Armitage Acts of Kindness: December 18 & 19

  1. I doubt I’m smart enough, either, but if that money fell into my lap, I’d sure try. I guess I’d like to do whatever the opposite of what someone like Donald Trump would do. I seriously doubt he has ever done aything for anyone who could do absolutely nothing for him in return. That’s who I’d make a point of trying to help. People or causes who can do absolutely nothing for me in return, except, perhaps, for living a better life.

    Also, my cousin is a lawyer who deals with international tax law. She’s one of the smartest women I know. I’d be calling her for guidance. 🙂

    And drive safely on your road trip. There are an amazing number of invincible idiots out there who are busy texting at eighty miles an hour.

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