A Very Rare Political Post

So rare, in fact, he’ll probably think about it and delete it after a while (which is a shame because he shouldn’t be afraid of sharing his thoughts when he thinks it really counts). He certainly has chosen a bully to call out.

A better writer than I am wrote a piece that nails my thoughts about Trump. You can read it here.


11 thoughts on “A Very Rare Political Post

  1. Indeed. I could hardly believe what I was reading! He so rarely shares what he actually thinks.

    I’m sure some of his fans who are Trump supporters will share their displeasure, and I hope he stands firm. Part of being in a civilized society is to agree to disagree. Many have forgotten how.


  2. It’s still up this morning. I thought he’d delete it by now. It’s so refreshing. I much prefer it to the usual professional posts he always makes. I wish he’d left the golfing nuns up, too. It’s ok to have a sense of humor, too.


  3. Trump has Twitter followers who jump on people who tweet negatively at Trump. I’m assuming they wouldn’t necessarily take on a largely unknown celeb but they might take on an average mortal.

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  4. Oh! Ok. I’ll check them out. I’m glad it’s not trolls.

    I hope this goes away, too. I’m really tired of having zero energy and zero appetite.


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