Our Better Angels



Hate is exhausting. I’m tired. I’m sad. I’m numb.

I’m appalled by the murders of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling.

I’m appalled by the murders of the five police officers in Dallas.

I’m appalled by the level of intolerance and hate in this country, indeed, in the world.

And yet ….

I am inspired and hopeful by those who stand against it and refuse to hate.

Police aren’t the enemy. Blacks aren’t the enemy. Whites aren’t the enemy. Liberals aren’t the enemy. Conservatives aren’t the enemy. Muslims aren’t the enemy. Christians aren’t the enemy. Atheists aren’t the enemy. Gays aren’t the enemy. Refugees aren’t the enemy.

When we react with hatred and intolerance, WE are the enemy. The enemy is us.

Love and kindness and tolerance are the only way forward. The only way.

Tonight I will light a candle in my window at full darkness. It is the only small act of defiance that I can think of to take against this dark place we are mired in.

Our better angels must shine.

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